Origin of Sen's palette of Irreverent Indian Colours

Indian 5-metre sari has no stitch: Women of all ages choose bright colours to wear. This colour phenomenon reflects in India's social life. Women's choice made this industry become extremely creative to deliver unique colour compositions for every individual.

Colour for the road: Painted truck with abundance of colours in harmony inspired Sen to play with a profusion of bright colours.

In Franco-Indian artist-painter Sen's Gesturism paintings, profusion of colour is always present. The inclusiveness trait is embedded in Indian culture which defines no dogma of good and bad. So in terms of colour usage there is total freedom among India's 1.2 billion ...

people to abundantly and irreverently use colours without any worry of disturbing any cultural or social system. Colour is the central theme that drives everyone in India, from poor to rich, to always be bright and dazzling in spite of having lots of economic and social problems. So the legitimacy of Sen's colours has a relevance to his Indian origin, even as he is a French National today. He drives the Indian cornucopia of colours with French inspiration. You may say Gesturism Art establishes Sen's palette of irreverent Indian colours.