Painting in Gesturism Art

Désordre Harmony ( Installation Painting ): Viewers are invited to move each canvas slab 360 degrees inside the frame. Canvas and frame have a magnetic holding system

Gesturism Art is a creative celebration of the limitless gestures of all living beings, from birth to death


  • Palette of irreverent Indian colours
  • Impromptu
  • Boundless energy
  • Dynamic pulsations
  • Shock of the difference
  • Free of manipulative digital art

Western European artistic movements influenced Sen in structuring his own ideology of Gesturism Art since 1994. He defines Gesturism Art as a celebration of the limitless gestures of all living beings in all stages of life from birth to death. This makes his works of art have impromptu, vibrant movements.

Purely based on his artistic freehand skill and not manipulative digital art, Gesturism is boundless energy in human conduct, alive, unprompted, dynamic and awash with essential pulsations. It provokes us to take on challenges, and implement the shock of the difference to make an impact that can sustain.

Artist statement:

Context: I am a bi-cultural, Franco Indian painter. I grew up in Paris from the age of 19, grappling contradictory cultures as I associated with the art and education environment in France.I learnt Western fine arts from the French schools of art.

From my country of origin, I inherited my irreverent usage of Indian colours. India's social heterogeneity leads to visible physical disorder in every aspect which uniquely creates a feeling of inclusiveness. Ingrained in my paintings is this feeling of inclusiveness, love and courage for humanity irrespective of religion or multi-society cultural behaviour , and my passion for the beauty and elegance of women in every part of the world. India highly treasured values of inclusiveness and compassion are what I like.

French inspiration:France inspires me as it is extremely secular and inventive; freedom of expression is respected without any boundary here. Very high aesthetics and imaginative power pervade every act of life. There's a deep sense of love of human life and perpetual search for differentiation that distinguishes French society as unique in the world.

Creating Gesturism Art:Being inspired by French culture and art movements, I needed to find my own identity of my art works so I created a new conceptual art current with paintings and Désordre harmony.

Palette of irreverent Indian colours: Differences of religion, language, food, culture and way of living and dressing radically change almost every 500 kms among India 1.2 billion population.
There is no dogmatism in Indian culture between good and bad as in western society. So everybody has the freedom to use any colour for any occasion. This results in Indian colours being seen to be irreverent which I have taken as my colour palette. So irreverent Indian colours rule over my art.

Painting:To do my paintings I always use big size, wide brushes. The wider they are, I feel more free to express myself. At first glance viewers may see splashes of colour in my painting canvas, but there will be some mysterious figurative aspect in my paintings that viewers will discover thereafter.
I even surprise myself when I see the not-to-be-said part. I work in different media like acrylic, conte, pastel, mixed media and water colour , and use different surfaces like canvas and paper from small to big size.

Désordre Harmony:The origin of my idea of "Désordre" is influenced by India's heterogeneous population of extreme diversity that results in unpredictable physical disorder in every aspect of life. Arrival and merging of migrants since ancient times from Greece, Africa, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Europe and more recently 200 years of British colonization in the Indian subcontinent has created this situation over time.