december expo

december expo

Sen Telemilano interview , Italy
Peter Matthaes on painter Sen

Sen Shombit presenting Désordre Harmony ( installation painting ) in alumini exubution of 150-year-old Calcutta Government art collage 2015

Introspection Pause: 2000-2014 pause from exhibition for introspection and research. Sen wanted to find some unpublished unique character in the art world to experiment with his Gesturism Art current from 1994 in paintings, and from 2008 in Désordre harmony. So his challenge was to establish his new idea that now has consistency with varied themes while not being monotonous year after year.

Noteable exhibitions earlier
1999 Information Centre, Kolkata
1998 Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai
1994 Galerie Polaris, Paris
1993 Muse de l'Affiche, Paris
1992 Oberoi Grand Hotel, Kolkata
1991 Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
1989 Hotel Carlton, Cannes France
1982 Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
1980 Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
1974 Indian Tourist Board, Paris