Demonstration of 'désordre harmony' installation painting:

désordre harmony: In 2008 Sen expanded on Gesturism Art to invent désordre harmony. This new art form is a painting installation in a magnetic frame which can be transformed to have multiple interpretations, from abstract forms to discovering Sen's original figurative art. Collectors can even regularly change canvas placements to see the same painting in different perspectives.

Viewers experiencing désordre harmony at Sen's solo exhibition in Barbizon, France, December 2016

Off-centre from Cartesian ways: Western European Cartesian theory of uniformity has influenced the world to be logical and disciplined, contributing enormously to human civilization for over 360 years. Sen's désordre harmony platform is off-centre from Cartesian ways. For example:

  1. A painting is always just for watching from a distance.
    But in a désordre harmony painting, spectators participate by reimagining and rearranging any or all the slabs of canvas by moving them 360° in any way they want to.

  2. A painting has a single visual execution. Different viewers can interpret the painting using their own imaginative power, but the painting does not change.
    But a désordre harmony work of art can be changed by moving the painting slabs to discover multiple visual executions and meanings.

  3. A painting's physical visual orientation is always determined by the painter. It is not possible to change the up or down side that's been given.
    But in désordre harmony, to find the original painting orientation as executed by the artist a viewer has to physically get involved in the art work.

    désordre harmony gives limitless freedom of imagination. It is a new dimension of art that's spontaneous, non-linear and offcentre from Cartesian ways.