Sen started life from a refugee camp in Bengali Bengal juxtaposed with Victorian and French Bengal


Education and stay in France Education and stay in India
1977 onwards painter-designer in paris with global engagements 1971-73 Government College od Art & Craft, Calcutta
1974-76 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris 1969-70 indian college of Art, Calcutta
1975-77 ESAG ( Academie Julian) 1968 Left the refugee camp for the town of Naihati in search of electricity
1973 Arrives in Paris with $8 1954 Born in Shoidnagar refugee camp 50km from kolkata

Sen as a child with his mother in their Shohidnagar refugee camp home with mud floor, bamboo-strip walls and thatched roof. Sen has always recalled his mother's training: "Poverty should not kill your emotion and your hygienic sense."

His childhood friends were pigs who lived at the entrance of Shohidnagar and were also used for sanitation clean up of the area. The pigs are still there. Sen often visits this area to reminisce on his friendly feelings for the pigs that have inspired a series of his paintings since 2017 in the "Irreverent Melody" theme.

This is the bank of Ganges river that Sen would cross to reach Chandannagar.

Whenever Sen goes to Shohidnagar, he pays a visit to this third generation potter's house where as a child he had learnt about pottery. He has always been fascinated how a man can twist mud with his hands to create a form without any mould.

The doll maker was another time-spending place for Sen to experience different types of figurative clay models which were then bathed in vibrant colours.

Sen's art study started from this Kolkata college of art with fascinating Victorian architecture. When he was 19 years old, he stepped out towards France.

Ecole Nationale Superiore des Beaux Arts, the famous art college in Paris where Sen studied. He learnt of the vast character of Western fine arts particularly the breakthrough big bang from Classic art to Modern art in 1870.

Penninghen (Academie Julian) in Paris is where Sen studied applied art that helped him in his initial livelihood generation stage.