Désordre Harmony-Renaissance Melody (Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 64 cm with 18 canvas of 20 x 20 cm, 2015):

This is a Désordre, viewer-interactive Gesturism installation painting. It has one theme with multiple gestures.

Painting description: Renaissance Melody is about the period when Leonardo da Vinci sketched the crossbar in his Codex Atlanticus and the Duomo of Milan was beginning construction, set in today's context when young people entertain visitors in colourful gear in front of the cathedral. The painting can be unscrambled in several ways to visualise multiple gestures of its central theme. The white and coloured lines in the canvases can be connected to see the original theme created by Sen. These are also 18 standalone paintings.

Uniqueness: The painting's uniqueness is that it is viewer friendly and interactive. Viewers can, using gloves, physically turn the canvases around 360 degrees to recreate different gestures on the same theme.

Display system: The 18-canvas painting comes with a custom-made wooden frame that has to be fixed on a wall. Each canvas has a magnetic system which fits, with 360 degree rotation, into any of the six windows of the frame from any side.