Cathedral stained glass

Breaking free

Sprouting sachet


Flying water

Horse heads water

A typical sachet made by hand at home

Giant sachet on Champs Elysees, announcing Sen's Paris exhibition

In 1992, when Sen was leading a busy, globetrotting designer's life in Paris, he got the sad news of his grandmother's death in Bengal. Nostalgia enveloped him. He remembered that sitting by her side he'd often make small sachets from disposed newspaper to earn some money. Grocery stores would buy these sachets to pack loose rice or sugar inside. Such sachet-making was another home commerce activity in his refugee colony. The melancholy of losing his grandmother gave way to Sen's creation of the art of the sachet as installation.
In Paris Sen started re-making large sachets in paper, canvas and ceramics. He painted on the sachets to create a new installation art form. Using the same technique of folds that he knew from having done it in his childhood, Sen practiced this new art form by first making the sachets himself on different types of paper & canvas. He has since developed this installation art form in ceramics.


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